Friday, June 4, 2010

Henry's Humorous Viral Videos

By: Henry Garcia '12

Before we get to the funny stuff, I would like to thank everyone who has been watching since the beginning and making it a huge success by watching it in your class and laughing and talking about it. Lastly I would like to say sorry for the recent delay of videos. Thank you once again.

Okay in spirit of the FIFA world cup that’s coming up. I thought I would show a video of what not to do in a soccer game. Nobody likes a show off unless they fail hardcore in a fashionable way.

I’m sure we’ve all watched the hit series COPS where it’s all the same thing where they put the bad guy in the back seat and take him away. Well, this is like COPS but the fail edition.

Okay so we all had that time in our life where you hungry and you see a vending machine and decide to get something, but when you put money in it the candy bar doesn’t come out? Well here’s the next best thing to get your food if it gets stuck or you’re broke.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bored this summer? Head out with your friends to Six Flags!

By Neiah Williams '12
Six Flags Great America is an amazing theme park that has great rides, shows, and fun water parks. One of Six Flags theme parks is located between Chicago and Milwaukee, off I-94 at route 132(Grand Avenue). Six Flags Great America has no exact date when they open or close. It usually closes in the winter, but stays open the rest of the year.

Six Flags Great America has a lot of rides to choose from such as: The Dark Knight Coaster, The American Eagle, The Demon, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Batman the Ride, The Raging Bull, The Little Dipper, and The Giant Drop. Six Flags Great America has a total of 58 fun and fantastic rides.

My favorite two rides that I always ride when I go to Six Flags are The Batman ride and The Demon ride. I love the Batman ride because my feet always dangle when I get on this ride. This ride takes off very fast and makes me feel like I am flying. Even though I always get scared when I get on this ride I always push myself to get on just for the excitement. My other favorite ride that I like at six flags is The Demon ride because it is one my favorite roller coasters at six flags.

The top three rides at Six Flags Great America in many peoples opinions are The Raging Bull, Superman: Ultimate flight, and Vertical Velocity. The Raging Bull is considered one of Six Flags most famous rides. In many peoples opinions the Raging Bull is the best ride at six flags. The Raging Bull is the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. If you ever decide to go to Six Flags you have to get on this ride.

The second best ride at Six Flags is Superman: Ultimate Flight. This ride is considered the second best ride at Six Flags because it is one of the best roller coaster rides at Six Flags. This ride takes you through a track that spends around in one big loop.

The third best ride at Six Flags is Vertical Velocity because this ride shoots riders straight up in the air really fast. This ride is shaped like a field goal post after you go up one side you come down and shoot to the other side.

Six Flags has some great concerts and shows. Six Flags tries to get different celebrities to come and perform for their customers. Some shows that Six Flags Great America have are Looney Tunes Dance Off, Great America Idol, Show Stoppin, and Street Entertainment. I really don’t pay attention to their shows when I go there because the shows are geared more toward younger kids.

If you happen to be at Six Flags on a warm day, you are in luck; Six Flags Great America has 10 different water rides to choose from. Such as: Buccaneer Bay, Castaway Creek, Hurricane Bay, Skull Island and many more.

If you have nothing to do for the summer try spending a day at Six Flags Great America because it is a fun way to have a good time with your friends, and family.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marines at the Movies: Iron Man 2 - Best Superhero Movie of 2010?

By: Reginald King '11

(Spoiler Alert….This contains information on many parts of the plot in Iron Man 1 and 2)

The first Iron Man turned out to be a solid success. It earned a rating of four stars, 2 Oscars, and 12 other nominations. These include best actor, special effects, director, music and best sci-fi film. The plot focuses on Iron Man’s origin. Tony Stark is a genius who inherited his father’s company’ Stark Industries. They develop military weapons and U.S. defense systems. Tony starts out as na├»ve and wants to maintain his father’s standard of being “feared and respected”. He builds a highly effective missile system called the Jericho. He goes overseas to test it and the test which turns out to be a raving success. Terrorists ambush Tony and his companions and he is caught in a bomb explosion.

When Tony comes to; he finds he has been surgically repaired by a man named Yensin. Their terrorist captors try to force Tony to build the Jericho missile but instead, he builds a tech suit and manages to escape. When Tony returns to America, he has much more admirable consideration for American citizens’ safety. He decides to build a new suit called the Mark I. After several tests, the suit is operational and he is able to protect people. His adversary Obadiah goes back to the Middle East and acquires the remains of Tony’s original suit, Obadiah rebuilds it and becomes the Iron Monger. The battle between Iron Man and iron Monger is intense and keeps the audience’s attention.

At the end of the movie, Tony declares that he is Iron Man and after the credits he is approached by a man named Nick Fury who asks him to join the S.H.I.E.L.D organization,; Tony immediately refuses Fury’s offer. This gives an immediate indication that there will be a sequel.

The second movie was even better than the first. The plot really begins to develop and more of Iron Man’s allies and enemies are introduced. The story takes place six months after the first. Tony has reached public success; unfortunately, his exploits as Iron Man haven’t impressed the government. They demand that Tony hand over his Iron Man suits; naturally, Tony refused.

The government sees Iron Man as a threat to society and his rivaling company, Hammer industries sees this as an advantage. He attempts to ruin Stark industries but he is ultimately unsuccessful. Tony realizes that he is dying from palladium poisoning from the miniature Arc Reactor. He throws what he believes will be his last birthday party and appoints Pepper Potts CEO of Stark industries. He also appoints Natalie Rushman as Pepper’s assistant. Tony makes a fool of himself at his party; his friend Lt Col. James Rhodes takes one of Tony’s original suits and attempts to force some sense into him. Nick Fury and Tony’s father’s heirlooms help Tony create a new element for the Arc Reactor; one that isn’t as dangerous as the previous one.

Nobody wins the fight and Rhodes leaves with the stolen suit; he brings it to Justin Hammer who upgrades the stolen suit’s weapon systems. He also broke Ivan Vanko out of prison and bribes him into creating a tech suit that is stronger than Tony’s. Instead, Vanko builds a series of drones. When Hammer tries to upstage Tony’s expo, it is soon discovered that Vanko has control of Rhodes’ armor and the drones. The final battle and the ending are decent; especially since Rhodes joined forces with Tony. Fury appoints Tony as a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D.

After the credits, a scene reveals S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) driving to a lone crater in the New Mexico desert. As he informs Fury over the phone that they've "found it", the crater is shown to contain Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. Fans haven’t been disappointed and still look forward to the next movie.

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Chicago

By: Jamaal Young '12

School is almost over and summer is right around the corner. But no matter how much kids look forward to going on summer vacation, they always have a problem finding things to do. So instead of watching TV, sleeping, or laying around your house doing nothing, why don’t you take a look at a couple of the top things to do or places to be this summer right here in Chicago.

One of the biggest events in Chicago is Lollapalooza. This festival is full of music and entertainment from many famous people around the world. It features music from Green Day, Lady Gaga, AFI, and tons of DJ’s. Lollapalooza will be held August 6th-8th at Grant Park in Chicago. If you want to get a ticket, then you are going to have to buy one fast because they are selling quickly. Most of the general admission tickets are already sold out but the ones that are left are $215 for a 3-day pass. The other tickets on sale are either ticket package deals or VIP tickets.

North Avenue Beach
One of the top hangout spots is also the most popular beach in Chicago, otherwise known as North Avenue Beach. It is literally Chicago’s premier beach. It has the largest lifeguard staffs and is one of the most developed beaches. It also hosts international volleyball tournaments every year. The beach’s attractions alone attract millions of people every year. If your just looking for a place to hang around with your friends, then this is the place.

Taste of Chicago
One of the biggest events in Chicago every year is the Taste of Chicago. It has music, live entertainment, and different foods from around the world and Chicago. The Taste of Chicago has grown to be the largest food fest in Chicago. It attracts nearly 3 million people each year. Also this year Chicago celebrates its 30th year Taste of Chicago anniversary. The Taste of Chicago is located at Grant Park -- north/south between Monroe Avenue and Balbo Drive, east/west between Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive. The event takes place from June 25th to July 4th.

MMSA Students React to New Immigration Law

By: Harry Diggs-Wilson '11 & Jose Fernandez '11

On May 5, 2010 a few of the students from Marine Math and Science Academy (MMSA) held a day of silence against the new Immigration Law SB1070 2010 that was passed in Arizona on April 23, 2010.

The Arizona Immigration Law was signed by the Governor Jan Brewer. The law now makes it a state crime for people to be in the United States illegally. The law states that law enforcers are required to ask individuals that they suspect to be in the US illegally to produce proof that they are legal citizens. If they cannot show proof, they will be detained. The consequences of illegal citizenship are imprisonment for six months, and a $2,500 fine.

Many people feel that this law is unconstitutional or as Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says "just plain wrong." Statistics show that 30 percent of Arizona is Hispanic and about 80 percent of illegal immigrants are also Hispanic. People feel that it will cause racial profiling against people with color or non-white citizens. "Are we going to get pulled over just because of a broken taillight or because of the color of our skin? ... If so, is everybody going to be pulled over?" Stated a protester Jose Acosta.

Despite being almost two thousand miles away from Arizona, students at MMSA reacted as if it was happening right here in Chicago. “I believe that the new law is wrong.” Says a MMSA cadet who feels that with these new laws, families in Arizona will now have to worry more about the safety of themselves and their children. Although the law does not only target Hispanics, 80 percent of the illegally immigrants are Hispanic. Cadets from MMSA who protested the new law felt that Arizona is only doing these to help open up more jobs by taking away jobs held by illegal immigrants.

Although there are a lot of people that are against the law there are also many people for the law. 59 percent of people in Arizona approve the new illegal immigration Law. The people in Arizona feel that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be in the States and should be sent back. They also feel that the police have the right to detain ask questions to anyone they have suspicious of being in the states illegally.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Long Way From Home: Shaunak Patel's Travels from India to MMSA

By: Daisy Guzman ’11 & Julie Ayala ‘11

Imagine traveling 7,777 miles to a new country, one completely different from where you grew up. Shaunak Patel ’11 has had that experience coming to the U.S from India. It is a whole new experience of customs coming to the United States.

It’s been almost a year since Patel has been here in Chicago. With family influences and the permission of the U.S Embassy, Patel came to the United States. At times Patel struggles to adapt to a different way of life then the one he’s accustomed to. “It’s kind of boring here because you can’t really go out at night due to the gangs and violence. There’s more freedom in India” says Patel. He explained how his parents wouldn’t worry about how late he got home or where he was at because it was safer in India. Living here with his uncle and cousins, he still has to look out for himself and his younger brother while the rest of his family is still back in India and his mother is in Iowa. Although American eating habits are diverse, Patel continues to be a vegetarian and mostly eat his traditional Indian foods, due to his religious beliefs.

Patel described how school in India is unlike school here in America. “The teachers educate their students with more advanced mathematics.” Even though they have advanced teaching, they still don’t have as many extracurricular activities as we do. In India, cricket is the main sport played. Patel has been able to expand his athletic ability by joining baseball which is similar to cricket. You may be asking yourself, how did he learn English? Well, Patel stated that he first started learning English since 2nd grade at an English medium school. “Students are respectful and they want to study hard.”

Patel chose to attend a military school here in Chicago but Marine Math and Science Academy (MMSA) wasn’t his first choice. Actually he never even knew he was applying for MMSA. Upon arriving to the school he was trying to apply to Phoenix Military Academy (PMA) but their doors were locked. Seeing as he was trying to get in, a Marine cadet came and opened the door for him and his uncle. Once inside, he was taken to our main office where Lt. Colonel Stewart interviewed him, yet at the time Patel was unaware that he was being interviewed for MMSA instead of PMA. He was surprised when his uncle finally told him that he had actually applied to a different school. Overall, Patel likes being at MMSA, “The students and teachers have been friendly and understanding. They work with me if they see I’m having trouble with something.”

Patel plans to continue his education here. In college he wants to major as a computer science engineer and further his studies to do aeronautics for the Marines. He plans to permanently become a citizen of the U.S. in order to do that he has to stay for a minimum of five years. He will go back to India to visit after he has become a citizen, until then he still keeps his traditions alive and keeps in contact with his family. He still says his prayers and celebrates only his culture holidays such as, Raksha Bandhan which is when a sister gives her brother a bracelet to symbolize protection. Despite all the changes in Patel’s life he knows everything will work out. “I believe that God is with me so I don’t have to be scared.”

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bulldog Ink: MMSA students share the stories behind their tattoos

By Adrian Hopson '11

At Marine Math & Science Academy (MMSA) walking through the hallways you will find several cadets with tattoos on their arm or other body parts. Tattoos are very popular with teens. I started to wonder what the tattoos meant to them and why they got them. Tattoos are something permanent and some people feel that tattoos shouldn’t be done and some feel they should.

The first person I interviewed was Shavonda Kornegay ‘11. One of her tattoos says Family first. “To me, no one comes before your family” Kornegay said. “It shows that blood is thicker than water.” She got her tattoo last April to let her friends and others know how she feels. To her getting a tattoo doesn’t hurt, “it’s the coloring that hurts the most” Kornegay said. When asked if she regretted getting tattoos, Shavonda said “I don’t regret getting them, if a person wants a tattoo then they should get something that means something to them.” The rumor that getting tattoos is addictive is true; Shavonda has already gotten four of them.

Gregory Peters ‘11 told me that the reason he got tattoos was because he thinks they look sexy on him. One of his tattoos that has special meaning to him is his tattoo of his grandmother’s name. “I know that no matter what my grandmother is going to be there for me when I need her.” Peters said. Gregory also told me that tattoos didn’t really hurt that much. The place on your body that hurts the most to get a tattoo on is your back according to Gregory. “Tattoos are addictive to me and I do plan on getting more I just don’t know what yet.”

Mariah Coleman ‘11 got a tattoo because she wanted one and felt that since she was old enough to get one. She got her name tattooed on her arm for her first tattoo because she didn’t want to regret her first one. Mariah told me she doesn’t regret getting a tattoo because she got something that she wanted. “I feel that people should get a tattoo only if that’s what they really want to do.” When asked are tattoo addictive she told me not to her, but to some people they might be. “If I get another tattoo I want designs added to my name.”

“The reason I got tattoos is because I really like body art” Luis Telles ’11 said. Luis got religious tattoos because some of his family members passed away and he wanted to keep them in his memories. He doesn’t regret his tattoos, but he does wish he could get more and plans on doing so after high school. “Since they are so addictive I plan on getting the Marine Corp eagle globe and anchor.” To him the pain of getting a tattoo is all in your head. “When I got mine I didn’t feel the pain.” Luis feels that if people want a tattoo they should get something they really want because they never go away unless surgical removed. “I think getting a tattoo is a personal thing for people if they want them or not.”